I’d like advice on my employment strategy


You want general guidance on your employment strategy

You’re looking for guidance and you’ve found the right people. You might be looking for some general advice and guidance on managing HR risks, ensuring fair policies are in place and/or gaining the peace of mind that your business and its IP are protected against unscrupulous or incompetent employees or an aggressive competitor on a recruitment drive aimed at gaining access to your business secrets. You may have a big decision to take that could impact your workforce and might be expensive if it causes operational disruption or employee disputes.

Whatever your particular motive for wanting strategic advice on how your business manages its workforce, we’ve got the experience and the resources, tips, template policies, documents and checklists to help you.

How we help you

Normally, we’d suggest an initial call or a meeting - whatever you prefer - so that we can get a proper handle on what you want to achieve, what might be worrying you, how your business operates and the opportunities you want to seize.

The average duration of these meetings is 3 hours. The choice of venue is yours and you’re welcome to use our offices or to suggest somewhere else if that’s more convenient. We can even hold the meeting by videoconference or Skype if you prefer.

What should you expect from our meeting

We’ll ask to see your relevant documentation, e.g. existing employment policy documentation, some example contracts for employees in your business, your employee handbook and possibly relevant correspondence or business plans if they have a bearing on what you want to achieve. So that we’re very familiar with all the key details before we turn up to our meeting with you, you can expect us to request these materials in advance. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you exactly what we need depending on your objectives.

During the meeting, we’ll typically focus on what it is that you want to do and our preliminary comments so far. We’ll explore the different options available to you and recommend those that we feel best fit your business given everything we’ve learned about you. We’ll agree a plan for what one or more members of the LHS team will do to fulfil any activities that you’d like us to take care of and we’ll put costings behind those wherever we can so that you know exactly what to expect and what to budget for. You’ll get a record of that plan and any agreed time-table applicable to any further support to you very shortly after this meeting.

You’ve got your plan, what next?

Once you have your plan, if you’d like our assistance to produce or review key strategic employment materials such as handbooks, policy documents and/or standard employment terms, or to help you to action employee transfers, for example, we’ll happily take care of this for you.

Whatever your particular circumstances, you’ll have the benefit of our well-tested experience and pragmatism. We’re just a call away.