In running your business you’re likely to come across certain legal questions or situations that you are not familiar with. We’ve used our experience in dealing with business clients and we’ve created over 80 summaries of individual legal processes for you to consider. Markel Law has created this content using feedback from our solicitors on the questions that we get asked most often. On each topic you’ll find an overview, an explanation of the different options that you may have to resolve the issue and then we provide a detailed summary of the typical steps that you can expect during each stage of the process.

Contracts and trading - NOT IN USE

Business to business

Business to business

Data protection & GDPR

Data protection & GDPR

Debt & insolvency

Debt & insolvency


Identifying IP or Data Theft

Misconduct/bad behaviour

Employee complaints and grievances

Transfer of employees/business

Employment policies

General performance guidance


Employment contracts and status

Sickness absence and disability discrimination

General process

Holidays, absence and working time

Poor performance

I'm a landlord/tenant

Commercial landlord

Residential landlord

I'm self employed

How do I protect my ideas, trade secrets and IP?

Dealing with debts and disputes


Commercial property