“It was without doubt one of, if not the best FSB event of its type which I have attended in all my 30+ years of membership. I knew Tim and heard exactly what I expected from him. However, Rianda Markram who presented on GDPR was simply superb. She was informative without being dull, made us aware of the potential pitfalls without placing an undue emphasis on the penalties and in every way sought to put the audience at ease. The systematic approach which she took with an emphasis on a pragmatic approach to the whole issue of GDPR was refreshing and so totally different from most "experts" who seem only to wish to frighten their audiences and coax them into purchasing unnecessary and over-expensive packages to secure compliance with the new law. I certainly hope she will come up and speak to us again on other topics in the future.”

John M Sutherland-Fisher, Cadboll Business Consultancy Ltd

“Danielle...What a pity you will not be involved in the next phase of this encounter. I have enjoyed working with you and wish to thank you for all your efforts in reaching a speedy conclusion. Once again many thanks for all you have done; ultimately a satisfactory outcome.

Michael C Warren, Doncaster Engineering Company

As you probably guessed it has been a difficult process for us, as we had never dealt with anything of this nature before and we had no one in the club with any professional background to advise us. This all changed once you became involved and gave us an objective view of the case, your advice and guidance then gave us the confidence to move things forward to what was an acceptable conclusion. Not sure if you ever make it to Leeds, but we remember our friends and you are more than welcome to enjoy our hospitality if you ever get the chance to visit. Thank you for all your help and advice.”

Chris Gott, Leeds City Council

“Andrew Bayjou has provided expert, trusted and commercially pragmatic advice to us for over six years. Supporting us with a range of complex situations, his guidance has been invaluable. He has spent time getting to know the team and our business. We're delighted to continue this partnership for the coming year.”

Sarah Moore, Yorkshire Housing

“Thank you very much for your informative and engaging presentation on the GDPR this morning. As you could see we had a packed room, so many people are keen to learn more about this subject and you were fantastic at keeping, what is a rather complicated subject, easy to understand.”

Sharon Worger, Director, The Business Support Doctor

Appointedd is an award-winning online booking and smart scheduling software system that has teamed up with Markel Law on their Law Hub product. By working in partnership we’ve brought together the best of our individual technological offerings to the benefit of small businesses. Technology is empowering clients to expect more from solicitors and Law Hub allows a range of services to be delivered in an innovative and efficient manner at an affordable price point.”


“The information listed on Law Hub has been invaluable to us and at a very reasonable price. I only wish I knew of their service when setting up my business. They cover the key legal documents in business that are important to us, and had allowed us to learn about other areas in business we had not yet considered.”

LionGate Partners

“Danielle Fox of recently advised on a tribunal case which was successfully defended. Throughout the interaction was educational and the strategy adopted very commercial. Thank you again and I can thoroughly recommend this solicitor and firm.

Jayesh Metha, Capital Care Homes Ltd

“Over the last few months I have had cause to seek advice via my FSB membership in relation to employment issues. I have had advice initially from Tina Din and more lately from Ethan Peters and Richard Streeter. The service from all of the above has been second to none and delivered in a professional objective manner.

Once Tina was no longer available, I have been advised by Ethan and Richard in relation to investigations and disciplinary meetings regarding some of my staff team. Both Ethan and Richard provided excellent professional advice and equally as importantly provided me with clear thinking at a time of great stress. At one time, Ethan was advising me regarding a number of people at the same time.

One case was extremely complicated as it involved three concurrent but unconnected processes; grievance, investigation and disciplinary. Richard was able to support me to extract the facts from many pages of complicated and often seemingly conflicting evidence to arrive at a conclusion. This involved him reviewing a multi page dismissal letter that I drafted, in fact he said that he often has to get clients to write more and in my case he had to edit it down!!!

I recommend FSB membership to many of my contacts and this is for one reason alone, the access to and the quality of the legal advice provided.

I have just spoken to Richard regarding a reference request from one of those who was subject to disciplinary action, he called me back within 3 minutes, listened to me, analysed the situation and provided advice with a rationale. When I spoke to Richard, I thanked him personally for his support and professional service and I asked if there was any way that I could pass on my comments to his line manager, hence this email.

I would be grateful if you could pass on my comments to Richard, Ethan and Tina.”

Care Home Owner, Markel Law Client

From start to finish the advice given from the team was superb. I needed guidance having never dealt with such complex issues and was aware that without this I could seriously compromise the situation in hand.

I would without hesitation recommend you to anyone being an individual or company that needed legal assistance.

Thank you so much!”

Dee Bird, Markel Law Client

“I recently had several dealings with Tahira from your legal advice line whilst working for a client of mine. We were undergoing a restructure and needed some support on a redundancy situation. My client is a member of the FSB hence we made contact.

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the excellent support and service that we received over a period of several weeks. There were a number of times I had reason to call Tahira - she always called me back promptly, provided numerous templates and fact sheets for our use and ultimately helped us to undertake this process in a compliant and professional manner.

Having spent years working in large corporates and battling with internal HR & legal departments with these sorts of matters it was a pleasure to work in this way with the FSB.”

Markel Law Client

“Absolutely brilliant in assisting with TUPE – they gave me so much advice and support but only actually charged me for the drawing up of the settlement agreements for each of the people. I can’t praise them highly enough.”

Markel Law Client

"I’m writing this email to express my thanks for the wonderful work Mona Marashi has been doing. We have been seeking advice with regards to a number of cases through our FSB membership, and Mona has always been thorough, precise and patient in her attitude. In particular over the course of the past few days we have been dealing with a particularly difficult matter, and the manner in which Mona has assisted us has been outstanding. Were it not for the support provided, I would honestly have been at a loss as to how to proceed with this particular case. I therefore felt that the least I could was express my formal thanks to Mona, as well as inform you of the great work that she and your firm are doing."

Markel Law Client

"We have just completed a challenging employment matter and sought advice on three separate occasions. The team who supported us were very helpful and gave us a lot of reassurance that what we were doing was both compliant and appropriate. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about this, and to thank you for encouraging us to take this service up, which has proved most valuable."

Markel Law Client

Thank you for great professionalism over the last few months. It appears that everything I could have reasonably hoped for has been achieved, in no small part due to your efforts. This has been a very stressful time for me but your calm professionalism and patient explanations have made this period far more endurable than it might otherwise have been. I had absolutely no knowledge of this legal process but your clear and informative phone calls and emails have kept me abreast of matters and been something of an education. I am aware that you have worked long hours and you have phoned me late in the day to ensure various deadlines were met.”

Alex Hughes, Markel Law Client

“Since 2005, your firm has assisted us with all matters relating to Employment law. In the 11 years we have only had 1 very minor tribunal claim. This is all thanks to the tireless dedication, passion and commitment of Edward Pearce, who took the trouble to understand our business needs and how we operate and is thus able to offer us the best solution in each instance. Edward is one of the reasons our company has grown from 16 staff in 2005 to around 236 today. He, together with his colleague, John Waring we are forever indebted to for always assisting us with our numerous requests. I would always recommend their expertise to anyone requiring employment assistance.”

Gaj Ragunathan, Director, Ashton Cares Homes Ltd

“I just wanted to put on record our thanks to Judith Gould for achieving a positive result. Last week Judith helped us to win a ‘simple’ (but costly) sexual harassment case. It was only ‘simple’ because Judith had expertly narrowed it down in preliminary hearings. I do sometimes wonder when she sleeps? But then this is nothing I am not used to from all the years we have worked together.”

Gaby Ackerman, Care Worldwide

“Employee issues can be a minefield, but thanks to Edward Pearce, any issues that we have had to deal with have been done so with a safe and reassuring hand by our side. The service provided is second to none no matter whether this issue or question is a simple one or a complex one and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the service to anyone.”

Samantha Wiltshire, HR & Admin Manager, Eurogate Logistics Limited

“I have recently had some work done by Alex Woolf, and found him to be polite, professional and extremely efficient. I was delighted with the outcome, and would have no hesitation in recommending this company.”  

Beverley Elliott, Markel Law Client

“Could not have helped more... Gareth was a star from start to finish.”  

Mr & Mrs W, Markel Law Client

“Thank you so much to Judith Gould for your input, patience and attention to this, which has very much helped us to get the result we wanted. This is very much appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting you and despite the stress of the matter, you made the entire process far easier and manageable for me.”

Wayne Lipman, Markel Law Client

“A great example of a legal business with real purpose, willing to challenge convention…”

Will Shu, Co-founder, Deliveroo

“Suzanne Hassan and all of the solicitors do a sterling job for the FSB. I would recommend them to anybody who needs a solicitor. I really felt like everyone talked to me on the same wavelength and cared about my plight. Many thanks to you all.”

Anne Weston, Markel Law Client

“I would like to say special thank you to Judith Gould, who is extremely sharp minded and handled our case extremely well. She was patient, provided clear guidance and never failed to answer my queries, even during the middle of the night or at weekends – she doesn’t seem to sleep at all! Thank you also to Edward Pearce for chairing our meeting, and Keith Haddock for assisting this case through. Highly recommended.”  

Terry Cheung, Markel Law Client

"Thank you so very much for your help and professionalism throughout the Employment Tribunal proceedings. Yours and the barrister's help made the outcome possible. Your preparation and organisation was invaluable. Thank you again very much."  

Eva Inzani, L'Unico Limited

"Judith Gould is one of the most trustworthy, skilful and thorough Lawyers we have ever worked with in this domain. She managed the factual details and the complex human dynamics of the case to a satisfying result with masterful elegance and relentless pragmatism."

ThinkTank Maths Limited

On behalf of my co directors and I, we are so grateful to Andrew for all his hard work and professional advice. He acted with the upmost professionalism at all times and gave excellent advice from start to finish; he is a credit to his profession.

GL & Co estate agents

“As a small business, accurate (and pragmatic) HR advice is essential (this being an area of risk for businesses). I have again this morning had very prompt, helpful and sensible advice in dealing with an HR issue and would like to express my thanks to the team at Markel. Please pass on my thanks in particular to Robbie.

Markel Law client

"I would like to thank you for the way that you have handled our case. In the many years I have been in business I have never before found a solicitor who is so accessible, efficient and thorough. Many thanks."

David, Technispray Ltd

"I want to say how very impressed I have been with the work of Richard Streeter who has handled my case. He has been exemplary throughout the prcess and has provided me with continuous support and expertise. His knowledge and experience have shone through, and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. This case was not an easy one and at times it has left me feeling frustrated and demotivated. Richard however has been sensitive to this, has kept me calm and has ensured that we didn't make any impulsive decisions."

Markel Law Client