Richard Streeter

Employment and HR advice

I qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and joined Abbey Legal (now Markel Law) in 2000. Nearly all my work with Markel Law has been in advising small to medium sized businesses on all aspects of employment law and practise.    


“Over the last few months I have had cause to seek advice via my FSB membership in relation to employment issues. I have had advice initially from Tina Din and more lately from Ethan Peters and Richard Streeter. The service from all of the above has been second to none and delivered in a professional objective manner.

I have been advised by Ethan and Richard in relation to investigations and disciplinary meetings regarding some of my staff team. Both Ethan and Richard provided excellent professional advice and equally as importantly provided me with clear thinking at a time of great stress. 

One case was extremely complicated as it involved three concurrent but unconnected processes; grievance, investigation and disciplinary. Richard was able to support me to extract the facts from many pages of complicated and often seemingly conflicting evidence to arrive at a conclusion. This involved him reviewing a multi page dismissal letter that I drafted, in fact he said that he often has to get clients to write more and in my case he had to edit it down!!!

I recommend FSB membership to many of my contacts and this is for one reason alone, the access to and the quality of the legal advice provided.

I have just spoken to Richard regarding a reference request from one of those who was subject to disciplinary action, he called me back within 3 minutes, listened to me, analysed the situation and provided advice with a rationale. When I spoke to Richard, I thanked him personally for his support and professional service and I asked if there was any way that I could pass on my comments to his line manager, hence this email.

I would be grateful if you could pass on my comments to Richard.”

Care Home Owner, Markel Law Client

"I want to say how very impressed I have been with the work of Richard Streeter who has handled my case. He has been exemplary throughout the prcess and has provided me with continuous support and expertise. His knowledge and experience have shone through, and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. This case was not an easy one and at times it has left me feeling frustrated and demotivated. Richard however has been sensitive to this, has kept me calm and has ensured that we didn't make any impulsive decisions."

Markel Law Client