Rianda Markram

Head of Content and Training
Knowledge and digital team

I'm the Head of Content and Training for Markel Law. I originally qualified as an attorney in South Africa in 2001 and specialised in civil litigation. I emigrated to the UK in 2005 and also qualified as a solicitor in England in 2006. I joined the predecessor to Markel Law (LHS Solicitors LLP) as a commercial solicitor in 2006. I specialise in advising businesses on all commercial aspects of starting, running and growing a business. I'm also responsible for the firms data base and our social media channels.


"Thank you very much for your informative and engaging presentation on the GDPR this morning. As you could see we had a packed room, so many people are keen to learn more about this subject and you were fantastic at keeping, what is a rather complicated subject, easy to understand." 

Sharon Worger, Director, The Business Support Doctor

“It was without doubt one of, if not the best FSB event of its type which I have attended in all my 30+ years of membership. I knew Tim and heard exactly what I expected from him. However, Rianda Markram who presented on GDPR was simply superb. She was informative without being dull, made us aware of the potential pitfalls without placing an undue emphasis on the penalties and in every way sought to put the audience at ease. The systematic approach which she took with an emphasis on a pragmatic approach to the whole issue of GDPR was refreshing and so totally different from most "experts" who seem only to wish to frighten their audiences and coax them into purchasing unnecessary and over-expensive packages to secure compliance with the new law. I certainly hope she will come up and speak to us again on other topics in the future.” 

John M Sutherland-Fisher, Cadboll Business Consultancy Ltd