Judith Gould

Employment disputes

I specialise in employment law advocacy in the litigation unit. Originally qualifying as a barrister, I now practice as a Solicitor Advocate having cross-qualified in 2009. I have an MBA with specialist expertise in business management and strategic planning. Before entering law, I worked as VP marketing and sales giving strategic direction to the multinational organisation with which I worked. I use my knowledge of business management to give corporate clients sound, commercially driven legal advice. In 2007, I joined Markel Law, working in the commercial and employment advice teams. In 2009, I became a member of the litigation unit where I successfully represented both respondents and claimants in the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. I am also an accredited mediator with a solid history of effectively resolving disputes out of court and avoiding costly litigation.


I am writing to pass on my most sincere thanks and to highlight the exceptional service I received from Judith Gould, Employment Litigation Solicitor based in Croydon.

Unfortunately, we experienced our first ever Employment Tribunal claim from a former member of staff. I utilised the Legal Advice Line, as part of my FSB membership, and ultimately ended up having my claim supported by Abbey Legal.

I found Ms Gould to be very supportive and professional from the start. She explained everything in simple terms, making the legalities easier to understand as a lay person. All of my emails were responded to within a couple of hours and, when the case started to become more complex, she dealt with all matters to ensure a satisfactory outcome for our business. I was also impressed by Ms Gould’s navigation and robust negotiation, which saw the case be settled. I certainly would not want to be up against her!

Ms Gould supported us from February to May, which was a very difficult time for our business and caused me lots of anxiety. Thanks to Ms Gould the whole dilemma was mitigated and made more bearable. I wanted to write to pass on my compliments as people are often quick to complain. I genuinely valued the support I received and could not have been any more satisfied with the service I received.

Markel Law Client

I am writing to thank you for all your efforts over the past few weeks.

Even though this experience has been a dark chapter (all of my own ignorance), I have been buoyed up by your enthusiasm and rousing spirit. As I mentioned yesterday in our phone conversation, I had contemplated walking away from my whole business. But once I had stopped feeling embarrassed by my foolishness, I thought back to what you said about 'fighting for what is yours', which inspired me to battle on.

I am so pleased and relieved that I had the luck to speak to you, because if I hadn't, who knows what path I may have taken?

Your professional, efficient and attitude to detail is impeccable and, as the Traffic Commissioner said, 'It was a credit to you'...and, what's more, saved me enduring an hour more pain in the enquiry, (as he stated it would have taken a considerable amount of time to trawl though all of the information).

You have certainly taught me a lesson in efficiency, and with the undertakings from the Traffic Commissioner, have given me inspiration to become more professional in my administration and record keeping, which will help me prove that I had just lost sight of what was important.

Judith, a very big thank you. It was an absolute pleasure to have spoken with you and I shall be writing to Abbey Legal to 'sing your praises'. You're a star!!

Jon Taylor, Markel Law Client

"Judith Gould is one of the most trustworthy, skilful and thorough Lawyers we have ever worked with in this domain. She managed the factual details and the complex human dynamics of the case to a satisfying result with masterful elegance and relentless pragmatism."

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