Someone’s damaging my intellectual property


Fairly and reasonably protecting what’s unique

The good news is that whether someone is copying you, pretending to be you or lying about being connected to you, we’ll help you stop this and we’ll do it fast. Your business, your name, your logo - to you they’re unique and they should be, because they’re yours and you’ve invested time, effort, money and passion into getting to where you are today.

If somebody hijacks them or tries to free-ride on them, then not only will they benefit from your hard work but they may also damage your reputation, steal your opportunities and confuse your customers.

A focused approach

The key is to act quickly and decisively. Get in touch with us as quickly as you can. It may be that simple and rapid communication between us and them will be enough to persuade them to stop. We can action all you need to kick this off. This immediate first step is usually sufficient to make genuine and inadvertent copy-cats stop what they’re doing - you may already have tried this.

You might be entitled to emergency court protection

Where it’s clear that they know what they’re doing and it’s deliberate, there are emergency solutions we can help with, such as getting you an emergency court order (called an injunction) that will compel the copy-cat or free-rider business immediately to stop causing the damage.

Strategy that’s tailored to you

If what they’re doing isn’t quite a copy, then you might not succeed in getting an immediate injunction against them, but they’re still damaging your business - we’ll talk you through your options.

These may still include court action or it might be that we recommend negotiating to reach settlement terms which contain clear boundaries that govern how the other business presents and conducts itself.

We’ll focus on what damage they have caused to you and ensure that if you’ve suffered loss of business because of them, they fairly compensate you for it.