Someone’s being a nuisance and it’s affecting my property


You're entitled to use and enjoy your property for the purpose you intended - now someone's preventing that.

That’s not good. Let’s help you sort this out. Anyone who owns a property, including land, has a right to own and use the property but they also have an obligation not to harm and/or unreasonably annoy their neighbours and their neighbours’ property. The legal term for harming or unreasonably annoying your neighbours is 'nuisance'. 

For example, a business making a lot of noise in a residential area at unsociable hours would fall into the classification of legal nuisance. But nuisance isn’t just caused by actions of a property owner: it can also be used to complain about a property owner failing to take action. A good example of this would be an owner allowing a property to fall into disrepair and cause flooding to a neighbouring property. 

When protests about nuisance are raised, relations can become quite heated and this often prolongs the problem and delays its resolution. We take a no-fuss and pragmatic approach to handling these disagreements and we’ll get you a fair resolution.

Some cases are simple and speedily resolved after taking only a few steps. Others may require more effort if the disagreement cannot be resolved without the involvement of the court.

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