My residential tenant neglected the property


Your residential tenant has left and your property’s in a real state

Ok. We can help here. You want your property put back into good condition as soon as possible. We’ll make that happen. Whatever damage your tenant has caused, you’re entitled to take legal action to get the tenant to pay for the cost of repairing your property.

Some cases are simple and speedily resolved after taking only a few steps. Others may require more effort if the tenant refuses to pay for the damage.     

Really importantly, where the tenant has caused damage to your property that will cost less than £10,000 to fix, the normal court rules say that the tenant doesn’t have to pay your legal costs even if you win the case (except for standard court fees and a very small amount of fixed solicitor’s costs).

So in cases where you want compensating for less than £10,000, our priority is to resolve your matter without the legal costs becoming disproportionate to the value of your claim.

On this page we’ll show you exactly what’s involved in each stage of a ‘damage and disrepair’ action and how long you should expect each stage to take.

Your next stages
  • To find out precisely what happens during each stage of the process - and for average timings and costs - click on the section below.
  • Overview
  • Stage 1 Detailed review of your situation
  • Stage 2 Taking the first steps
  • Stage 3 Starting the formal court process
  • Stage 4 Presenting the best arguments
  • Stage 5 Dealing with the evidence
  • Stage 6 Preparations and going to court
  • Stage 7 Closing the file