I’ve got to communicate something important


Information that you want, when you want it

You might be looking for a formal communication relating to developments with your business and explaining how they may impact your workforce, for example, with an imminent redundancy programme or the sale of a business to a new owner.

It could be that the way you pay or reward your workforce or your benefits programme is changing and you need to communicate this without it giving rise to anxiety or challenge or complaints against you. Perhaps you and your workforce have even been subjected to an unpleasant experience because of a badly behaved employee and you need to explain steps taken and how you’re preventing something similar arising again.

We regularly advise our customers on these and many other types of key explanations and announcements to their workforce and you’ll have the benefit of our well-tested experience and pragmatism when we help you too.

How we help you

We look at the whole message, from small but surprisingly impactful details, such as the tone of voice used, or demonstrating a transparent, open and approachable stance, to larger and more strategic detail, such as getting deadlines and terminology right. Whether you communicate with one employee or a whole cohort of them, we’ll ensure they hear the message you want them to hear and you succeed in creating your desired impression for them.

You may be planning a written communication or something less formal and more along the lines of a speech or perhaps even a press announcement, we can draft any of those for you and give you a foundation document from which you can create your desired and personalised communication.