I’m arguing about a boundary


You want to make clear where the line should be drawn

No problem. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, we can help you resolve this. It may be that someone is unfairly extending their buildings or grounds on to your land or their accusing you of doing that. Or perhaps you’ve been using a piece of land for so long that you weren’t aware it wasn’t technically yours to use - or that anyone cared about you using it. If you’re wrong about the boundary position but you’ve used the land for a long period of time, you may still be entitled to ownership of the land through a process called 'adverse possession'.

There are a number of steps potentially involved in a boundary dispute. Some cases are simple and speedily resolved after taking only a few of these steps. Others may require more effort if the disagreement can’t be resolved without getting the court involved.

The best outcome is often a negotiated settlement because it avoids the stress and cost of court proceedings. It also helps to maintain a more friendly relationship with your neighbour. So while it’s right to treat every case according to its own particular circumstances, an agreed outcome is usually our first priority when we advise our clients on boundary disputes.

A good starting point is to get hold of the official property ownership details from the Land Registry. You can do this by going to the Land Registry website and downloading the official copy entries and the title plan for a few pounds each. 

Your next stages
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  • Overview
  • Stage 1 Detailed review of your situation
  • Stage 2 Getting expert evidence
  • Stage 3 Taking the first steps
  • Stage 4 Starting the court process
  • Stage 5 Dealing with the evidence
  • Stage 6 Preparations and going to court
  • Stage 7 Closing the file