I’m accused of bad building works


You've carried out building works and now your customer is complaining

If you’re being accused of bad building works - whether it’s about the standard of your work, the time taken or another reason - handling complaints pragmatically and efficiently is the best way to preserve your reputation and prevent arguments spiralling into something a lot nastier and costly (publicly and financially).

There can be unknowns in building works and sometimes things happen that have nothing to do with the standard or quality of your work, the effectiveness of your planning or the skills of your workers. When things don’t go completely to plan, you’re an easy target, especially if remedying the problem will be costly and the owner of the building is looking for a scapegoat and someone else’s cash. Margins are low enough already - don’t risk your economic position or your reputation by delaying getting good experienced advice.   

We’ll give you a clear and sensible run-down on what your legal position is, including what your exposure may be. We’ll help to safeguard your reputation and take the stress out of the situation you’re facing. We’ll negotiate politely but firmly with your accuser, ensure that they follow proper legal rules about complaining against you and we’ll properly explore whether what they’re complaining about has in fact been caused by something that is not your fault. We’re likely to recommend getting independent expert support for your arguments too.

On this page we’ll show you exactly what’s involved in each stage of a typical building works dispute process and how long you should expect each stage to take.

Your next stages
  • To find out precisely what happens during each stage of the process - and for average timings and costs - click on the section below.
  • Overview
  • Stage 1 Detailed review of your situation
  • Stage 2 Taking the first steps
  • Stage 3 Getting an expert
  • Stage 4 Starting the court process
  • Stage 5 Dealing with the evidence
  • Stage 6 Preparations and going to court
  • Stage 7 Closing the file