I’d like a employee handbook produced or reviewed


It’s simple and easy to get a handbook

Producing a draft employee handbook normally involves us tailoring material specifically to your needs. This does take a little time because we don’t take a ‘one size fits all approach’ and try to shoe-horn you into something more standardised that isn’t right for you.

Handbooks are part of your culture, so getting the right tone and terminology is something that we consider a vital part of our service to you.

Your handbook

We’ll follow up with our suggested draft handbook for you to review. We’ll check you’re comfortable with the draft so far and we'll seek any requested feedback to any queries we may have made about the drafting on which we might need your direction.

When we’re both happy it’s all there, we’ll finalise the handbook and send it to you.

Our review service

With a review of an existing document of more than 30 pages, you should anticipate that this process is likely to be quite involved. We’ll probably need to spend time discussing the facts, consistency and your preferences as well as your desired outcome, so we can properly tailor our advice to ensure you get something that works well for you. We’ll always work to your reasonable deadlines and business needs.

Not yet convinced you need one?

An employee handbook is the cornerstone of your relationship with your workers. An employment contract sets the parameters of the relationship and identifies the headline details.

The handbook spells out the vital details. It’s the go-to place for you and your workers to clarify rights, obligations, ways of working, your expectation as a business, etc. It ensures consistency of work amongst your employees, transparency about how things must be done (and what must not be done) and it adds significantly to your reputation as a professional and fair employer.

When disagreements arise, it’s one of the first places you should refer to find out how easily you’ll be able to resolve that disagreement. And if it’s a good one, its content typically means the difference between a swift and often amicably reached solution and one that is costly, hostile, impacts general workforce morale and takes up a lot of your time.

To keep your business running efficiently, fairly and profitably, you should have a well–written handbook and you need to ensure it’s up-to-date. We’re here to help.