I want to sue a professional for negligence


You sought professional help and what you got was not an acceptable standard of service

If you’ve been let down by an adviser, we’ll help you get fair compensation for the shortfall in service standards and any harm it’s caused you. Professionals (like solicitors, accountants, architects, surveyors and engineers) aren’t legally expected to be perfect all of the time.  But when the standard of work from a professional falls below what is reasonably expected, and as one of their customers you suffer loss, they can be forced to pay you compensation.  

Whether the standard of work fell below the appropriate bar, whether it caused a genuine loss to you and whether all of that loss can be laid at the professional’s door, all form part of what’s called a ‘professional negligence dispute’. 

It’s important not to hang about in complaining about a professional and this is for several reasons. Evidence of negligence may become less easy to prove as time goes on. Delaying may expose you to counter-accusations of causing the harm or damage yourself. There can also be time limits for bringing certain types of complaint and if you miss them, you’ll be prevented from asking the court for help. 

The best outcome is often a negotiated remedy and/or compensation settlement because it avoids the stress and cost of court proceedings. We’ll examine what’s right for you and we’ll swiftly outline your options and recommend the best approach. 

Your next stages
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  • Overview
  • Stage 1 Detailed review of your situation
  • Stage 2 Getting expert evidence
  • Stage 3 Taking the first steps for court
  • Stage 4 Starting the court process
  • Stage 5 Dealing with the evidence
  • Stage 6 Preparing and going to court
  • Stage 7 Closing the file