I have a question about employees or employment


Information that you want, when you want it

Ask away. Whatever’s on your mind, no matter how simple or complicated it might be, you’ll get fast, clear advice, in plain English and with no fuss. Employment law isn’t particularly complex - although lots of people will tell you that it is.

What is sometimes challenging to juggle is the number of times it changes. For example, last year, there were over 25 changes to UK employment law, almost all of which impacted the majority of businesses across the UK. There’s also a lot of it.

Employment law is heavy on volume. There are lots of rules and unless you’re monitoring, applying and challenging them on a daily basis (like we do) or you’re a genius, it’s good to have someone cut through it to get the quick and simple answers that you need. And that’s where we can help. We know this law backwards, we’re always up-to-date, you can easily get hold of us, and often a quick phone call or brief consultation is all you need.  

How we help you

It’s up to you how you’d like us to help you. Many of our customers like to book consultation slots, for a few hours, a half day or longer, where they use us a bit like a clinic and we’ll answer all their employment law questions, take a look at their contracts or other paperwork, and make recommendations about where we see potential areas of risk and how they can easily minimise them.

We have a vast database of resources, templates, handy guides and tip-sheets that we will select from to ensure our clients are confidently and cost-effectively equipped to manage their workforce with success.

Some of our customers ask for this service regularly during the year and we stay in touch meanwhile so that if anything we’ve been looking at for them suddenly changes because the law’s been updated, we’ll get in touch to let them know what’s happened and how it might impact them - all as part of the consultancy service. Other clients ask for a one-off phone call or some written advice.

We’re very flexible about how we help you because while the law might generalise about business when it sets out and updates its rules, it’s a fact that businesses are not all the same and each has its own set of concerns, aspirations and priorities. One size doesn’t fit all and we’re here to ensure that you don’t need to compromise your business model or your ambitions where this can be legally avoided - and often, it can.