HSE Health and Safety statistics for 2018/19

In 2018/19 there were:

  1. 147 fatal injuries (the UK has few fatal injuries at work than most other European countries)

  2. 69,000 non-fatal injuries

  3. 4 million cases of work-related illness

  4. 2 million working days lost as a result of work-related ill health or injury

  5. Stress, depression and anxiety is the most common type of work-related illness, accounting for 44% of work-related ill health and 54% of working days lost in 2018/19, with women particularly highly affected by this ill health type. 

HSE statistics show that small workplaces had a statistically significantly lower rate of work-related stress, depression or anxiety whilst large workplaces had statistically significantly higher rates.  Statistics from the most recent Labour Force Survey showed that the predominant cause of work-related stress, depression or anxiety from the Labour Force Survey was workload, in particular tight deadlines, too much work or too much pressure or responsibility. Other factors identified included a lack of managerial support, organisational changes at work, violence and role uncertainty (lack of clarity about job/uncertain what meant to do).